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Hi, i think that the game's story and characters are written surprisingly good it's good to see some games in this genre with so much work put into it's surely my favourite one from what i played. And a little question. If it isn't too big of a spoiler, what is the character you'll be putting the most work in the next update?


I try to balance the work each of my characters are getting, if I still had to call a character that has the most content story wise.

I'd say that it's the cult getting the most reveals and major stuff, MC  is also getting a bit more deeper into himself.

As for the girls, Chumee got a bit of love this update and I have yet to take care of the 30 remaining percent of the update !

Im trying to join your discord but they all have been expired xD

Weird, the invitations are still rolling, are you sure that you don't have Too many discords ?

I doubt you can have to many discord XD

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i tried the code you posted 4 days ago, couldn't join :'D

That's weird, but yeah you can have too many discord lmao, I'm the living proof, ATM I have to leave a discord everytime I want to join one I should really make some cleanup !

Try this link

Ah, well thanks for the headsup. Btw I got in so thx, I will keep my eyes open for your next update. This game is super good! :D


I tend not to write reviews, but I feel this is warranted! So, there are a few important aspects of this game I want to bring up, for those who are curious about whether they want to play this or not!

1. The Story - The story for this game starts off with a more standard story of modern fantasy, of a realm with Elves, Goblins, Dwarves, Demons, and Humans. It begins with a tale of humans going to war with the races they just learned of (all the others), but quickly falling on the battlefield, of losing a large portion of their population, and of being enslaved for 30 years (until 2050). You live in 2050, as one of the first humans to ever attend a magical school as a freed person, and it continues from there.
But, with this in mind, the story quickly develops beyond this premise, into something detailed, unique, gripping, and beautiful. Each character has motive, personality, a history and a future, and every line of dialogue serves to build this further. No character overstays their welcome, and each has a personality that is well defined, and kept to truthfully. Each event has purpose and meaning, and it is on the player to figure that out through their own choices. 
In short, for a sexually focused game, the story is beyond what I see from many professional developers. If I was to be honest, if one removed the sexual themes, and spent a bit longer polishing it, this would make for an amazingly successful visual novel. The story is that good.

2. The Sexual Themes - The sexual side of this story is inevitably why you are here, and there is where it gets unique. This game isn't focused on the sex as much, but instead incorporates it naturally into the story and your character, through forces I won't spoil!
Every character has at least 1 scene, with a few having more, and more on their way. Not only that, but each scene feels unique, blending the personalities of each character with the forces mentioned above, to make it worth going back and seeing each and every one.
With that said, this game isn't about the sex, but includes it in a way that makes it welcome. This is no "Harem Collector", and if you want that, turn away now. This game sees the sex as a story-telling element, and a reward for the player as much as a driver of the plot. If you look at it as such, it is incorporated extremely well, never being too much or too little, and never feeling forced.

3. The Emotion - To tie all of the above together, this game has an amazing sense of humor. Of course, nothing is perfect, after all, like anime, "we all make mistakes in the heat of passion, Jimbo." But on many occasions, this game was the first in many (including professional games) to make me laugh out loud. The 'narrator' is hilarious, the characters have amazing dialogue, and even events in the game, including sexual ones, find time to make you laugh.
Furthermore, on many an occasion, this game finds time to make you laugh, cry, shout, and weep. The developer knows how to write an emotional story, filled with characters you will care about, and events that bring them all to their limits, even those not directly part of the story.

All in all, this is an amazing game. Not just a 'sex game', nor a 3 hour "baby's first project", this is a game built with heart and passion, and I firmly believe that it would do amazingly in mainstream media if not for sexual themes. But, honestly, with how these themes are presented, and the funny "this is a Ren'py game" aesthetic, losing that would be a great loss for us all. So, even though this game is not something you'll see Top Selling on Steam, it is 100% worth playing, and is something I check back daily to see if an update is out. For all my time playing these games on, I would call this my favorite, even beating the popular "Harem Hotel" and "Lucky's Paradox" (my number 2 and 3 favorites respectively).

Also, for those wondering, the music is amazing, and I need a list to download it all PLEASE.


I really love how the game was driven, its not just about the lewdness of the game but also the story telling, characters are well designed and there are no bugs nor crashes the whole game. And when will be the next update, cause there are no dev logs and its been like 74 days. Overall the game is fantastic ...

Hey, I'm really glad that you had a good time, I'm really humbled by your words.

I'm plaining for the update to be released early June, I took a month off for personnal reason, I already posted a beta for my patrons last week, and I should be able to upload the entire update within 2 weeks, atleast I hope ! 

I don't want to rush it or else it'll feel clunky !


I first thought this was just about the sex, but the story is great and I love the characters, they are so well-written and seem pretty realistic. (Except of the promiscuity, but I guess that's a must-have for a porn game) In conclusion, I can say I downloaded the game in search of copper and I found gold. I can only recommend it. 

It's Important to have a good story, you can't grasp a player through sex as much as you can grasp it with a good story.

If the sex brought you here and the story kept you arround, then it fulfilled my objective, and I'm glad to count you in !


regardless of the adult material (which was also really well done), it was a really fun experience! I would love to see an rpg done by the developer.  Love the story and characters  so far and cant wait to see the future of this game!

Oh thta's pretty funny, my ultimate goal as a Dev is to make a huge RPG, but it would probably take a few years, regardless, I'm glad that you enjoyed the game, and I'll do my best to not disappoint !

Just make sure to tell us here when you do!


what he said, you have hella potential man!

really grate game just needs a walkthrough because i tried to do chen and got nothing sooo 


I came here for the erotic tag but got something much more. 

  • A deep lore rich story.
  • Lovable characters.
  • Another reason to stay self-quarantined.
  • And obviously the nice H-scenes.

10/10 would reccomend .

Nice game.

when does the next update come out?


The next update is planned for early June at best !

I got really late due to IRL reason !

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Just played the game and can see your passion behind the game! So I figured it deserves a little feed back. The game reads well, there are a few minor wiriting issues such as spelling and grammar but the game probably has over 50,000 words so theres going to be a few. Each character are wholesome and great, from design to personality. It was a fun read and the H scenes were good too! My only minor issue is what accents, not really an issue but some accents are hard to portray through texts and some are hard to understand/read unless you're familiar with it/them. All in all, great game so far, can't wait to see where the game goes!

Hey, I'm really glad that you had a good time, Accents are a bit of a weird thing to handle when it comes to writing, mostly because I didn't add any special accent in the way the text is, even though Vanessa as a very light touch of scottish accent, Elise's to British, and Himia to something a bit similar to norwegian.

Still I picked something that was visually readable to something that could've been confusing.

As for the grammar issues, yah it's a mess I've got to take a good day and take care of all of them honestly !


Will there be "consequences" for cumming inside the girls? Also, great job, by far one of my favorite games on this site keep up the good work!

Not yet, but at one point it will but of course you'll know it since I'll add a small sentence precising it in the choice !

Thanks for the great feedback friend !

Sweet! Fingers crossed I can turn Chumee into a big beautiful brood mother! One more thing I have to ask is I've ran into two spots where choices are greyed out, running into Eloan "I can't remember the spelling" outside the principal's office after getting the dress and having three options on how to deal with him 1. Mind Control, 2. Fight Him, and 3. Convince, also when I'm with Mine and Ophelia on the beach and they want me to pick which of their breasts I like more, 1. Ophi's 2. Mine's or 3. Both. So the Mind control option with Eloan, and the Both option are greyed out, is it because I chose a different choice before and they're locked for me or is it because they haven't been implemented yet?

The choices are greyed out because you lack something, in the case of the mind control you need the spell, which for now is locked behind Elise's route but in the next patch, everyone will get it no matter their choices, as for Ophelia & Mine, it may be because you lack a point of relationship with one of them, of course even if those options are greyed out it doesn't mean that you won't get an ending that you want or that they're lost for your save file, don't worry about it !


Thank you this was really good love the look and characters especially chumee and Lou also really like mine's personality but think it would fit better as a dog girl rather than cat (based off of the sex scene and the way she is with Ophelia)  just my opinion.  Looking forward to more in the future. Hope you are doing well in these difficult times 


I'm glad that you had a good time.

Well Mine was and is still a bit harder to write mostly because you would find it weird but, she's sort of based of my own cat on the way she acts towards people, perhaps I've got a dog at home I guess lul.

Thanks for caring about my well being, I took a break from working for personnal reasons and I'm back on track !

I hope that you too friend are doing well in these times !


your game is awesome, it has such an amazing story, it feel like playing an fps game,i really love your work.and i wanted to know how u made those 3d model, i mean with daz 3d or something else?

The models are made using Koikatsu, and I really am glad that you think the game has an amazing story!

i m happy i got a reply, so u do the coding and also this drawing stuff and story all by urself??, i m learning renpy but making(drawing) character for that game is a lot of pain coz i just dont understand where to star some suggest krita, some photoshop and i cant understand any of em rn i have like almost all the game engines e.g renpy, tyranobuilder, rpg maker mv, unity, godot, game maker studio,daz studio, photoshop cc, krita, clip studio paint, zbrush, fps creator, blender, coppercube but i dont have knowledge of any of em, i can draw simple character but when it comes to complex things like hands, legs, different pos, i just cant do it,i downloaded tons of tutorials for renpy but they arent helpful they make mistake which ruins all the progress for me,  i also downloaded tutorials to make drawing like u professionals but those r tough too, probably because i m a slow learner, anyways i m not asking for tutorial or anything to waste ur time, but i m just saying, i want to be developer and its becoming painful

Being a dev is full of highs and lows, if you can't draw try using a 3D engine like Daz, or even Honey select.

Ren'py is really easy to use once you got the hang of it, the hard part though is using it correctly to have really interesting menus and interactions.

I do all by myself, coding, story, renders, I only have a proofreader, and the help of my community sometimes !

Good luck with your project friend, and if that's what you want to do, don't give up and do your best !

thanks friend, ok i will try daz 3d today again, honey select size is huge so not a chance, and hey one final question i have that kaikatsu thing too, i couldnt play the game as it lagged a lot but it works in customizing the girl, i was amazed by that game`s customizations, so what u did is u change a pos of the girl and clothes,  body etc, then u take pic of it and used it cropped in ur game with background? like u have in tales of unity?

Well, Koikatsu comes with a studio mode in which I can load my models and some maps, some are in the game directly others are from the community !

So I basically place and animate the models on the maps myself.


I really enjoyed it :D . Has a lot of potential . Story wise it really has me intrigued . When will 0.7 be released?


Hey !

I'm really glad that you enjoyed the game, I'm focusing a lot of my effort on the story.

As for 0.7's release, unfortunatly I have to delay it, so I'm aiming from early May to mid May for now !


That's great to hear, and don't worry I don't mind waiting for a quality game :D

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Really good! I especially like the Jojo reference. And I got hit with Joe mama too. Dam the comedy is strong! Is there a way to rate more than 5 stars?


I like it, I like it! Wish you success.


It means a lot to me to read that !

u play as male character or female character ?

A male character, although it's face is as hidden as possible, to not break the feeling of "immersion".

So far, this is really well made. While it has a lot of lore, you don't put too much in at once so the story can keep moving. I'm an English major at my college and if you need help with fixing dialogue (Since I saw in another comment that English is not your first language) I'd be happy to help. With the quarantine stuff going on, I need something to do. 


Love the game so far, just started chapter 2. There is one thing however that is annoying, the obstruction of the dialogue.. A way to hide the dialogue so you could get an unobstructed view of the tiddies or kitties is a must, or even a way to make the dialogue box opaque would be granted.  Other than that, great game and story, have you ever considered writing something else? Maybe a real game or an anime/comic? I'm serious, you are talented in plot development and character archs.

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I'm really glad that you had a good time, when it comes to the hide function, I'm guessing that you're on Android, I'm trying to take care of the hide function, I always thought it was on Android, I'll try to get one up for 0.7 !

As for my future projects, well, my main project is to make an entire game, (multiple hours of playtime) with romances, probably adult content, since on my opinion adult content is the peak of romance, although that project is closer to a dream than anything, perhaps in the coming years !

As for comics / anime, I sometime write some random fictions when I'm inspired while playing games, so who knows in the future !


tales of unity and an amazing game congratulations really liked

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Great game! Way more plot than I was expecting and I appreciate the game's sense of humor. But, I do have a suggestion. Is it possible to add the ability to change our character's names in the gallery? I made a typo that's kind of annoying to be honest, and I think it would be useful to have that capability. Other than that, the script could use a bit more refinement. There are parts of the script that don't flow too well. But again, great game that has characters with actual depth to them with brilliant exposition IMO. I also love how the fourth wall breaks were executed. They're there for a purpose and not as a cheap gag; with a great sense of humor to boot.

Hey there, I'm really glad that you enjoyed the game.

Hmm, I'd check with the nice lad that created the gallery if I can add something to modify the Gallery name.

As for the script, well I don't have any knowledge in coding, this game is the first time I'm going at it, and the script was really looking terrible before !

Still I'll try to refine it a bit more, thanks for your feedback !

Oh sorry, I don't mean the code when I say script. I meant the dialogue. Some of it could be rewritten a little better. The message comes across fine as it is, but sometimes my flow as a reader is broken by some grammatical errors.

Oh yeah, well english isn't my native language so I often send a part of the script to a proof reader !

Thing is he took a few weeks off, so I try to figure out the grammatical errors myself but some just get through the net unfortunatly, still, thanks for pointing it out I'll try to be more careful !

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No problem, glad to be of help! If it weren't for spoilers I'd be willing to provide some proofreading.


This game is absolutely amazing I downloaded it for sexual reasons but then I started getting extremely invested in the characters and story and I would absolutely wish to see this continue to grow it feels like someone poured their heart and soul into this game

Thanks a lot for the feedback, I'm really glad that you managed to get attached to the game despise coming only for the sex stuff, I think having good characters is major in a Visual novels, it makes the romance feels right and natural !

Thanks for the kind comment really, those are always amazing to recieve, and I'll do my best to not disappoint you nor anyone else following this project !


Definitely love where this is going, sure the sex isn't particularly long or spectacular but there is definitely a lot of heart and passion out into the story, I'm a little conflicted about the branching story but I think that's just because I struggle to make choices that effect game endings eventually...

I loved what I played and I joined the discord, I definitely loved the artwork of the more realistic versions of the existing characters in Tales of Unity, I'm sure if you could have done that you would have but definitely would love to see that happen one day if at all possible... Anyway love your game keep up the great work, just need a little more work on the Grammar errors but great work.

Really glad that you enjoyed the game, I do try my best to put my heart into the story even if sometime updates take time, I want each update to look like I want them to !

As for the more realistic artworks, they're made under AI Shoujo, which came out way after ToU had begun, but I really like those artworks too, so I might do a spin off, or a sequel using it just to try the software out !

Either way thanks for sticking around, and I'll do my best to not disappoint !

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best visual novel on ive been searching and searching for something as story driven and great as this, plus all the lewds are nice, could keep my hands off myself, other than that the characters are amazing and i reaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllyyy hope to see more

Hey !
i've been focusing on the story since day 1 of development, a good story makes a game so much better, so I'm glad that you think my story is good, and that you enjoy it !

Of course the game is far from over !
I'm working on the next patch as I post this, I'm aiming for a release around the 10th of March !

Thanks once again for your kind comment it truly makes me feel proud of that project!


I liked the game. It has some grammatical errors and the first half has far too many black screen moments, but it was still entertaining. I would like to see an option to hide the dialogue box, as it tends to block the more interesting bits during the animations. Overall it was still enjoyable and i like the art style. I'm looking forward to the next update.


Hey there !

Glad that you enjoyed the update !

So, the main reason those blackscreen happen is because back when I was a beginner at Python I used "Fade" the thing is it's way too long, I never noticed it b ecause I clicked really fast since it's my game and I know every bit but it's a beginner's mistake, don't worry I'll do my best to fix it for 0.6, and I'll make sure to not repeat thatt mistake for future updates.

When it comes to grammatical errors well, I'm native french, so I sometime struggle with english, although I found great people helping me proofread the script, so with time, those errors are bound to disappear!

As for an option to hide the dialogue box, I'll see if I can do that for Android!

Thanks for the feedback !


You're doing a good job and I'm glad to hear you have plans to polish things up. Your English is really good, I can't wait to see the finished game. I hope you will continue making more games after this one is finished. You are definitely talented and i have a feeling you will get even better over time. Thank you for the game!


everything I know is a lie

btw, cute girls. elise is the cutest